Tree Cavity Services

Tree Cavity Services

Seeing a large cavity or hollow in your tree can be a concern for many homeowners in the metro Atlanta GA area. That's why our team at King tree experts has the answer for you. Most hollows or holes in trees develop because the interior or heartwood of the tree has become damaged. Many of the questions we typically answer for home and property owners include: will a tree with a hollow trunk or holes die? Are hollow trees a danger and should they be removed? Should you consider patching a tree hollow? Our experts have the answer to all of these questions.

Will Trees With Holes Die?

The short answer to this is probably not. When a tree is in need of our tree cavity services service it is often only the heartwood or the center of the tree that is affected. In most cases, the tree only needs the outer bark and the first few layers of healthy wood underneath to live. These outer layers are often protected by their own barriers from the rot that creates hollows inside of trees. However, be sure to always look for the common signs of tree damage such as discolored bark, visible fungus, and if there are any dead limbs.

Are Hollow Trees Dangerous?

The answer to this question is not always clear, at times hollow trees can be dangerous and sometimes they are not. While the heartwood of the tree is technically dead it does provide important structural support to the trunk and the canopy above. If the area where the tree has become hollow is still structurally sound, the tree is not a danger. However, remember that strong winds and storms can put undue pressure on a tree trunk and if it is hollow or damaged it may still fall. Our team at King Tree Experts has the experience needed to assess any tree cavity or hollow and determine whether the tree needs to be removed.

Servicing Cavities and Hollows in Trees

At times it is possible to perform repairs on hollows and tree cavities to keep them from spreading. Our team uses a variety of methods to ensure that the hollow or cavity is not damaged further. Keeping animals out of tree cavities is one of the ways our team can protect your tree from further damage.

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Our team at King Tree Experts has the experience you need to properly assess and identify unsavable trees. Our team has encountered almost every issue you can with trees and can provide you with the tree cavity service you need. Contact us today by phone or via our online contact form to schedule an appointment for one of our expert to evaluate your tree.

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