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Tree Service in Atlanta



How do you decide if a tree is hazardous or dangerous to the welfare of your family and property? Determining which trees need to be removed can be difficult; sometimes trees need to be removed because they have been damaged by storms and/or wind, have become overgrown, are infected, or just pose a serious hazard to your property and the people around it.

Some of the reasons a tree may need to be removed are:

  • The trunk has shifted and is now leaning, posing a hazard to your home
  • Tree has been struck by lightening
  • There are signs of disease
  • The tree has several dying limbs
  • The tree has developed large cracks in the trunk
  • You’ve discovered rotting areas around the trunk or limbs of the tree
  • The tree has become overgrown and is located to close to the house, driveway or sidewalk
  • Wind or other storm damage

The health of your trees is important to us. Contact the experts at King Tree Experts, Inc. We’ll come to your home or business and provide you with an evaluation of the trees that may need to be removed due to health or other reasons. We’ll work with you and make the appropriate recommendations necessary, while maintaining the health and structural integrity of the surrounding trees on your property.